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Liturgy of the Hours

Daily Liturgy of the Hours

Using Zoom, St. Gall Catholic Community is hosting the Liturgy of the Hours daily beginning 3/28/2024 as follows.

  • 5:00 AM Office of Readings (Vigils) – about 25 Minutes
  • 7:00 PM Evening Prayers (Vespers) immediately followed by Night Prayer (Compline) – about 30 Minutes 

After praying the Hour, we will discuss our thoughts, insight and reactions to what was just prayed.

Note from Chuck Scherl:

All participants are encouraged to text (858-922-7870) or email ( so the I will be able save the addresses and notify participants of exceptions to this schedule

We alternate recitation of the Psalms, Prayers and Readings. This is not required to participate. Please mute your self if you do not want to recite. 

It is also complete optional if you want your video to be seen. There are some participants who do not have a camera or a microphone and that's OK. There are some who listen in without video while still in bed, especially for Vigils at 5AM.


Office for the Dead

In various forms, the Office for the Dead has been part of the Liturgy of the Hours from the earliest times of the Church. It is prayed for one who is deceased or for a group of deceased. The Office for the Dead is the same as Hours for the Feast of all Souls. The usual daily Hours, Office of Readings, Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Night Prayer may be substituted with those of the Office for the Dead under certain guidelines specified by the U. S. Catholic Council of Bishops (USCCB).

Those of us who have been praying the Liturgy of the Hours on Zoom daily have agreed that this is something that would add to the spiritual life of St. Gall Parish Community. We are all called to prayed for the deceased, and praying the Office of the dead as Part of the Churches official prayer is especially powerful.

A schedule for the Office of the Dead has been developed in accordance with USCCB’s guidelines and approved by Father Mark. The Office for the Dead will be recited one day during the first week of each month in accordance with these guidelines. The schedule will be posted on the Parish Calendar, with reminders in the bulletin and announced at Mass on Sundays.

The Office for the Dead allows specific people to be named in the prayer. Those parishioners who have passed away in the past 12 months will be named specifically. Others may be included upon request by a loved one.

For the 2024, the Office for the Dead will be celebrated on Zoom on the follow days:
            Wed, 5/1; Mon 6/3; Mon, 7/1; Thu, 8/1; Mon, 9/2; Tue, 10/2; Mon, 11/4; Mon, 12/2

To participate, go to the Church website, scroll down a bit and click on the link for Zoom Liturgy of the Hours or click the link below to Start the Zoom session.

On these days, the Hours will be recited as follows:
            5:00 AM          Office of Readings
            9:00 AM          Morning Prayer
            7:00 PM          Evening Prayer and Night Prayer

. Those of the parish who have died during the past 12 months will be prayed for by name. If you have a loved that you want to include, please email your request to, or contact the church office.


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