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Liturgy of the Hours

Using Zoom, St. Gall Catholic Community is hosting the Liturgy of the Hours daily during Lent of 2024 from 2/15/2024 thru 3/27/2024 as follow.

5:00 AM Office of Readings (Vigils) – about 30 minutes

9:00 AM Morning Prayer (Lauds) – about 20 minutes

4:00 PM Evening Prayers (Vespers) – about 20 Minutes

7:00 PM Night Prayer (Compline) – about 30 Minutes (Father Sunny will preside)

Lectio Divina and the Divine Mercy Chaplet will be prayed.

Note from Chuck Scherl:

In the unlikely event that I am not able to start the session, I intend to start the session beforehand so that the Hours can still be Prayed on Zoom. One of the participants should take the leader role. Unfortunately, that person will not be able to scroll the screen or easily display the text of the Hours. If this is the case, all participants should use the text of the hours as found at

All participants are encouraged to text (858-922-7870) or email ( so the I will be able save the addresses and notify participants of exceptions to this schedule

The format of the way each hour will be prayed is fluid while we work out the best way for all of us to pray together. Try to start your Zoom session about 10 minutes early so that volunteers can be asked to lead as appropriate. Father Sunny will lead Divine Mercy Chaplet and Compline. Chuck will initially lead the other Hours until we get familiar with the format, then other may volunteer or be asked to lead.

Night Prayer and Divine Mercy Chaplet:

. Father Sunny will lead Compline and will assign roles before we begin

.The meeting starts with the Divine Chaplet followed by Night Prayer (Compline). 

. The text for the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Evening Prayer will be displayed on your Zoom screen.

.This page will be updated as roles in Compline become stable.

Office of Readings (Vigils):

. Because this Hour begins at 5:00 AM, few participants are expected. If you do choose to join, please start your Zoom session a few minutes early. 

. If you are late in starting, that’s OK too. Find you place and join in, quietly.



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