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Contact Tracing Procedure for St. Gall

Contact tracing is part of the method for controlling the spread of the COVID 19 virus. Contact tracing consists of warning exposed individuals (contacts) of their potential exposure as rapidly and sensitively as possible. This procedure describes how St. Gall will warn exposed persons when an infected person has attended one of our liturgies.

The steps in this warning process are as follows:

  • Identify an exposure event
  • Notify exposed individuals (contacts)

Identify an exposure event

At St. Gall, identification of an exposure event is a voluntary action. We ask that anyone who is infected with the virus while attending any of our liturgies notify us by calling our office [(775) 782-2852] as soon as you can. We will ask you which liturgy you attended and where in the church you were sitting. You locate where you were sitting by using this seating diagram:
COVIDSeatingDiagramAs shown in the diagram, seating positions are indicated by section letter and pew number in a similar way that seats are identified at a movie or sporting event. Because our pews do not have individual seats, we will identify a location in the pew by the designations right, left, middle, middle right, or middle left where right or left are oriented as facing the altar.

For example, if you are seated in the position indicated in the diagram shown below, your location would be indicated as "pew C5, middle".
After we have been notified of the exposure event, we will alert parishioners of this exposure using the methods described below.

Notify exposed individuals (contacts)

All parishioners will be notified of any exposure event using these methods:

  • posting the alert on our website and facebook page
  • issuing an online email alert *
  • mailing a paper alert using the USPS **

The first two methods will be used for all exposure events. For those persons who do not have computers or smart phones, we also provide the third method of mailing a printed paper notification .

* Notice about online email alerts: Online email alerts will be sent only to those parishioners who have included valid email addresses in their registation listing. If you do not have a listed email and want an email notification, call our office so we can add your email to our roster.

** Notice about mailed alerts: In order to be included on the paper mailing list, you must call the office to indicate that you need a mailed, paper alert. Only those who call to be added to this list will recieve a mailed alert.

An exposure alert will be like the following example:

(Please note, this is an example notice only. The exposure in the example DID NOT OCCUR.)

--- --- --- --- --- --- COVID Exposure Alert --- --- --- --- --- --- 
Be advised that a person infected with the COVID 19 virus attended the 8:00 a.m. Mass on June 12th, 2021. If you did not attend this Mass, please disregard this message.

The infected person was seated in Section B4 Left as shown in the diagram below:
If you attended this Mass and were sitting near this location, be advised that you may have been exposed to the COVID 19 virus.

--- --- --- --- --- --- End of Sample Alert --- --- --- --- --- --- 

 Link to PDF version of this procedure.